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Our Market Place

Welcome to Burnetts' online Market Place where you can buy and download legal policies and other legal documents which have been professionally drafted by qualified solicitors. Legal documents purchased via the Market Place are available at a fraction of their usual cost.

Whilst nothing replaces a bespoke legal document, we do accept that small businesses, in particular, could benefit from simplified legal documents at a cost appropriate to their level of business.

Our aim in creating the Market Place was to enable small business owners in England and Wales to access reliable legal documents at a low cost without the worry that documents were out of date, written by non-lawyers or relevant only in another country.

Using Burnetts' legal documents brings genuine peace of mind to business owners: all the documents have been drafted by solicitors employed by Burnetts, who are covered by our professional indemnity insurance and the firm itself is regulated by the Solicitors Regulatory Authority.

  • Website Compliance Pack v2

    Website Compliance Pack v2

    Save money on your essential website compliance documents with this discounted pack.
  • Small Employers Pack v2

    Small Employers Pack v2

    The small business employer’s pack is a set of indispensable employment law documents for smaller employers.
  • Website Acceptable Use Policy v2

    Website Acceptable Use Policy v2

    This policy sets out the terms under which visitors may access your website.
  • Website Terms & Conditions of Use v2

    Website Terms & Conditions of Use v2

    The Website Terms and Conditions of Use is an essential document for any website owner.
  • Standard Privacy Policy v2

    Standard Privacy Policy v2

    The policy addresses data collection, storage and security and your Data Protection responsibilities
  • Social Media Policy v2

    Social Media Policy v2

    This policy covers the use of social media for both business and personal purposes, whether during office hours or otherwise.