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Fixed fee tenant eviction

Assured Shorthold Tenant Eviction Scheme

For private landlords Burnetts Solicitors provides a specialist service which includes an Assured Shorthold Tenant Eviction Scheme at fixed charges.

The service is based on 3 stages (explained here), for each of which there is a fixed charge. There are no hidden extras.

The route you take to eviction (and the fee) is determined by which section of the Housing Act you rely on when commencing proceedings against a tenant. There are two options: section 21 and section 8.

A detailed explanation of section 21 and section 8 can be found here, but broadly speaking you need to decide what is more important to you. Is your priority obtaining possession of the premises quickly, with your secondary concern being recovery of the outstanding rent? If so, section 21 would be the more appropriate route to follow.

If your greater concern is to recover the rent arrears (or at least to obtain judgment against the tenant in respect of the arrears), while possession of the property is a secondary consideration, perhaps the section 8 route would be the better.

In any case, we will talk through your options with you.

  Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage 3
Section 21

£60 + VAT

Court Fee: £355
Burnetts Fees: £280 + VAT
Court Fee: £121
Burnetts Fees: £60 + VAT
Rent Arrears
Section 8
£70 + VAT

Court Fee: £325
Burnetts Fees: £300 + VAT
Fee for attendance at hearing of £135 + VAT

Court Fee: £121
Burnetts Fees: £60 + VAT

Details of the work included within each of these fixed fee stages can be found here

The charges above relate to property in England and Wales let under an assured shorthold tenancy.

The above prices include for initial advice (as stated below in the breakdown of each stage) and advice on each step as the matter progresses. If initial advice is given and the matter is not progressed we will charge a fee of £50 plus VAT.

We reserve the right, if advice is required for a matter not disclosed at the outset of the case or if repeated requests for advice are received throughout the case, to charge up to an additional £220 plus VAT (on the basis of an hourly rate of £220 + VAT per hour on a time spent basis). If it appears that our charges will be in excess of this amount a full explanation and costs estimate will be provided at that point. We will throughout the case provide sufficient advice to enable the client to fully understand each step and provide instructions as to how to proceed.

An explanation is given concerning sections 21 and 8 here.

For further information on Burnetts' Assured Shorthold Tenant Eviction Scheme contact Rob Winder on 01768 800855 or by email to rw@burnetts.co.uk.

Burnetts Solicitors also holds a free annual legal update for residential property landlords. Usually held in Carlisle, Penrith or West Cumbria, this event is well-attended by a wide range of landlords with a variety of types of property including houses, flats or Houses in Multiple Occupation.

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