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Fixed fee tenant eviction

Fixed Fee Tenant Eviction Explained

What is covered by our fixed charges?

Fixed Charge Step 1

We will prepare and serve (by first class recorded delivery) either a section 8 or a section 21 notice (or both) on your tenant. For that purpose we will require from you a copy of the tenancy agreement, the tenancy deposit paperwork and a fully up to date and factually correct schedule of rent arrears and of any payments made in respect of those arrears. Notices will be prepared on the basis of the information which you provide, and we shall assume that all such information is correct. Burnetts cannot be held responsible if any notice should be invalid by reason of incorrect information provided by you. In the event that a case becomes defended, our tenant eviction fixed charge service will no longer apply. However, we can deal with defended matters at competitive rates.

Step 2 – Possession Proceedings

We will prepare the necessary papers for the commencement of the appropriate possession proceedings in the County Court, strictly in accordance with your instructions. Therefore, if you instruct us to commence an action based on a section 8 notice, we shall do so. If you instruct us to commence an action based on a section 21 notice, we shall do so. We will liaise with the court and deal with all the court papers. We prepare all necessary witness statements and will make arrangements to attend the first hearing on your behalf. Our Step 2 fixed charge is limited to one court attendance. Should the court adjourn the hearing for whatever reason and require subsequent attendances, we will notify you in advance of the further charge(s), to which that will give rise for you.

Defended Cases

If your case is defended by the tenant or if other circumstances arise, which are not covered by our fixed charge service, our charges will be based upon the time we spend in dealing with your case. Full details of the competitive hourly rates applicable will be sent to you, when we receive your initial instructions.


The information on the pages relating to our fixed charge assured shorthold tenancy eviction scheme is intended to provide general information only. The contents of the website are not aimed at any person, individual or organisation specifically and nothing within it constitutes an offer to contract. Burnetts reserves the right to cancel, withdraw or change their services at any time. If you terminate your instructions or if we stop acting for you for good reason, you will still have to pay our charges and disbursements up to the date that we cease acting, including costs for removing our name from the court record if court proceedings are under way and transferring our file(s) to you or to another adviser. As we are regulated fully by the Solicitors Regulation Authority, full client care details will be sent to you as soon as we receive your instructions.

Our charges and other costs

Except where stated otherwise all work described on the pages relating to our fixed charge assured shorthold tenancy eviction scheme is carried out on a fixed charge basis, which includes court fees where stated above.

For further information on Burnetts' Assured Shorthold Tenant Eviction Scheme contact Rob Winder on 01768 800855 or by email to rw@burnetts.co.uk.

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