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Secured Lending

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Secured lending

Burnetts’ secured lending team includes specialist lawyers who understand what it takes to get your deals over the line and to provide you (and your customer) with a smooth, fast service. We have a streamlined separate representation process designed to take the pain out of these deals rather than slowing down or complicating matters. Our focus is to help you release the funds, and the customer to complete its deal as quickly as possible. 

We are therefore absolutely committed to adding value to the transaction by complying with the following service levels:

  • Giving free initial advice about potential deal structures or any other aspect of transaction (such as recommending appropriate security packages).
  • Providing a fixed fee quote on same day as requested and then sticking to this figure.
  • Arranging an all parties’ conference call at the start of every transaction to establish the target completion date and then agreeing the transaction timeline.
  • Providing the customer’s solicitor with a list of our requirements on the day you informally instruct us to proceed (we don’t wait for formal instructions from the
  • securities centre).
  • Ensuring that the customer’s solicitor adheres to the deadlines agreed on the conference call via regular chaser e-mails and phone calls.
  • Copying you (and your assistant) into all emails to customer’s solicitor to keep you fully up to date.
  • Preparing security documents and sending them (by email where appropriate) to the customer’s solicitor on same day as formal instructions received.
  • Taking a commercial and pro-active approach and resolving issues ourselves as soon as they arise.
  • Drafting the report on title to only include a concise summary of key points (and confirming that we are satisfied that your security is not at risk) and issuing the signed version as early as possible in the transaction.
  • Direct access to three experienced lawyers, all of whom are working to push your deal to completion.

Our specialist team includes Sarah Wilshire, Rebecca Joy and Jane Jubb

Who to contact

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Sarah Willshire

Sarah Willshire is a Partner and Head of the Banking team in Newcastle.