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Discounted Legal Advice for Client Employees

Added value for clients

Employee Benefits

Burnetts now offers legal services at an especially discounted rate to the employees of our business clients. The Employee Benefit Scheme is completely free for employers to join.  

10% discount on legal fees*

Whether you are buying a home or need advice on child maintenance, if you are writing a will or looking for guidance on a dispute, Burnetts can now give you a 10% discount* off all our private client legal services.

Services which are part of the Employee Benefit Scheme include: 

First 30 minutes free

As an added bonus, the first 30 minutes of any advice we give you are free so you can speak to a qualified and expert lawyer without worrying about incurring costs.

Free financial check up

As well as our teams of specialist solicitors, Burnetts also has an independent financial adviser who can provide a free initial check-up on your finances.

Private & Confidential

Any advice we give you is completely confidential and will not be discussed with your employer, but please note under this scheme we cannot offer advice on issues involving a potential conflict of interest with your employer.

* This applies only to our charges. It does not apply to third party expenses such as court or estate agents fees.

To find out more or to make an appointment, contact Amy Fallows on 01228 552222 or email empben@burnetts.co.uk.

Who to contact

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Amy Fallows

Amy is a family law Partner and the coordinator of the employee benefits scheme.