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HR Consultancy

Difficult, messy and demanding - no amount of internet research or reading can prepare you for dealing with the everyday problems involved in managing people.

Carrying out a grievance investigation, holding a disciplinary hearing or conducting a redundancy interview are challenging for even the most experienced HR practitioner / line manager, especially when they involve long-standing or close colleagues. External HR services on a retained or ad hoc basis can help to protect working relationships and bring independence to a difficult HR process.

Whether you’re a small business owner with no in-house HR function or an HR professional yourself, Burnetts’ HR Consultants brings both invaluable insight and practical support. What’s more, our HR Consultants are backed up by a team of five employment law solicitors. You can be confident the guidance you’re given is reliable and robust, and that you’re not going to have to double-check their advice with your lawyers. 

Getting HR right isn’t just a matter of professional pride, there are real organisational risks from a mis-handled HR process, with consequences ranging from damaged working relationships at one end of the scale to a costly Employment Tribunal claim at the other end. 

Examples of HR services for which we can provide independent support include:

•    Disciplinary investigations and report writing; 
•    Grievance investigations and report writing; 
•    Redundancy projects;
•    Policy and procedure review and implementation projects;
•    Performance management interviews;
•    Managing difficult relationships and mediation; 
•    Absence management, including assistance with Occupational Health referrals / GP medical reports and return to work interviews
•    Bespoke training on a variety of topics 

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Natalie Ruane

Natalie is a Partner and leads the Employment Law & HR team and specialises in education.