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Burnetts: Are you working well? ....taking action to advance workplace wellbeing - Penrith

Join Burnetts, CIPD, Acas, Hays Recruitment and the CBI, at an interactive conference providing practical solutions for workplace wellbeing.

Poor workplace wellbeing - whether mental or physical - can cause a range of problems, from low productivity to poor workforce morale, along with significant issues in recruiting and retaining staff.

Ultimately, poor workplace wellbeing has an impact on the bottom line of your business.

Join Cumbria’s leading experts on HR and employment, as we explore the best ways to keep your employees healthy and happy and how to effectively support your employees during difficult times.

At this event, you can learn how other businesses have made positive strides towards improving employee wellbeing and achieved success in their organisation – giving a valuable insight into the practical steps you can apply in your organisation.

The day begins at 9am with optional sessions on yoga and meditation, with registration from 10am. Speaker presentations begin at 10.30am.

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For more information contact us at events@burnetts.co.uk.

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Rheged, Penrith

Well, we are a number of things really, but the four things we pride ourselves in is being a destination for family, food, the outdoors and arts & culture.

Rheged Centre
CA11 0DQ 

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