27th January 2022

Our Burnetts Work Experience Scheme

Applications are now open for our work experience programme available to year 12 students and, for the first time, year 13 students too. With many educational opportunities cancelled due to the pandemic, we are now accepting applications for year 13 students to ensure that no one misses out. Our work experience scheme is now in its 22nd year with many of our Associates and Senior Associates having joined us through this scheme, as well as three current Partners.

Our comprehensive work experience programme will see those with serious legal ambitions gain one-weeks work experience across five departments as well as a £25 book token. If invited back you will have the opportunity to gain more work experience the following year and another £25 book token. Finally, those who have progressed to a law degree will have the opportunity to be chosen for paid summer holiday work. As well as this you will also have the opportunity to apply for a period of qualifying work experience and if successful complete your qualification as a solicitor. This year we have also added the option of a solicitors apprenticeship.

Our work experience scheme gives young people the hands-on skills and experience they need by allowing them to put what they have learnt in the classroom into practice. By interacting with qualified solicitors, they will get an understanding of what happens behind the scenes of a law firm, how the business is run and a better understanding of each department’s typical case work. Students will be assigned a mentor who will guide them through the process and will be supported through regular check in meetings.

Here at Burnetts, we believe that from small acorns, big trees grow and if you are hardworking and enjoy the culture of our firm, then the possibilities are endless. Three of our current Partners and Heads of Department Richard Miller, Robbie Mather and James Johnston all joined us originally through our work experience scheme when they were just 16 years old. Investing in local talent and promoting internally are all concepts that lie at the heart of our law firm and help to shape our unique culture that sets us apart from our competitors.

Nick Gutteridge who leads our work experience scheme believes:

“Our work experience scheme is our legacy as a firm; we are very active in the community and mentoring the next generation of lawyers is a part of that commitment. We believe strongly training and retaining the local talent we have in Cumbria and the North East and strive to be a part of developing their skills and experience not just on a professional level but on a personal level too.”

Our work experience scheme is now open and you can take the first step in your law career by emailing our HR officer Kate Sowerby at yourfuture@burnetts.co.uk You can also find our information about the scheme here (closing date 28th
Feb 2022).