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Milburn House Launch

Milburn House Launch

More than 100 guests joined us to celebrate our move from Gosforth to the prestigious Milburn House in the heart of Dean Street.

Nick Gutteridge, Burnetts Managing Partner and Paul Barron, Managing
Director at Executives Online


David Hannon, Head of Agribusiness at Clydesdale Bank and Hannah
Fitzpatrick, Burnetts Solicitor


Michael Walby, Partner at Burnetts; Richard Miller, Partner
at Burnetts; Andrew Robinson; James Johnston, Associate Solicitor
at Burnetts; and Vaughan Jones, Partnership Chair at Burnetts


Mark Humphreys, Corporate Manager at Handelsbanken and Kayleigh
Nugent, Burnetts Solicitor


Helen Hayward, Burnetts Solicitor; Phil Hourigan, Director of Corporate
Banking at RBS and Melissa McManus, Burnetts Solicitor


Chris Solomon and Caroline Robson, Chartered Legal Executive at Burnetts


Lynn Watson, Director of Education at Percey Hedley School


Joanne Grey, Burnetts Solicitor and guests


Sadie Cuthbert, Burnetts Paralegal and Andrew Hetherington,
Newcastle-upon-Tyne Deputy Coroner


Angela Curran, Partner at Burnetts and Sarah Harrison, Regional
Manager at J S Parker


Gina Carter, Lynne Alderdice and Caroline Robson, Chartered Legal
Executive at Burnetts


Andy & Lynn Alderdice and Fausto Pereira, Director at PH Partnership


Adrian Howey, Burnetts Paralegal; Natalie Gray, Medical Law Secretary;
and James Curran


Stephanie Long, Burnetts Paralegal; Sadie Cuthbert, Burnetts Paralegal;
and Alix Walker, Burnetts Solicitor


Helen Ruff, Proprietor of Ellingham Hall and Denise & Richard Cudmore
of Dandy Events


Andy Grey, Vanguard 2001 and Julie Goodfellow, Headteacher at
Riverside Primary Academy


Alastair Fell, Director at Prospus Group; Brian Richardson, CEO of
H & H Group PLC; and Tom Warburton, Director of Investment &
Development  at Newcastle City Council


Michelle Hilling, U Salon; Darren Hilling, Director of Think Heating; Angela Curran,
Partner at Burnetts; and Helen Ruff, Proprietor of Ellingham Hall


Alix Walker, Burnetts Solicitor & Alex Taylor, Advocate / Newcastle
Office Manager at PI Costings


Alex Davison, Legal Project Coordinator at PI Costings and Lynn Alderdice


 Caroline Robson, Chartered Legal Executive at Burnetts; Dr Brenda Stalker,
Gina Carter and Lisa Bradley


Charlotte Nicholls and Aidan Ruff, Proprietor of Ellingham Hall


Carole Harder, CEO of Percy Hedley Foundation; Angela Curran, Partner at Burnetts; and Nick Swales,
Regional Director at Rathbones

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Angela Curran

Angela Curran is a Partner and Head of Burnetts' Medical Negligence and Serious Injury.