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Common agricultural policy reform update

In this article, Joanne McKenzie, a solicitor specialising in agriculture, provides information relating to the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) reform and how it will have an impact on UK farming businesses.

More detail is emerging regarding the details of the CAP reform which will have an impact on UK farming businesses.  However, although the EU had agreed the main points and the agreement is technically in force, the discretionary implementation of the reform in the UK is yet to be determined and farmers will not actually be making their subsidy claims under the new scheme until 2015.

In England, it has been announced that existing Single Farm Payment Entitlements held on December 31st 2014 will be rolled forward into the new Basic Payment Scheme rather than the alternative option of the 'golden ticket' new entitlement allocation taking place.

Until the full details of the reform is implemented, the advice remains, if you have any queries relating to the potential impact of the reform on your business, then seek advice from your professional advisers before acting.

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Joanne McKenzie

Joanne is a Partner and head of the firm's Agribusiness team.

Published: Tuesday 22nd April 2014
Categorised: Agribusiness

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