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Data Protection Practitioner Conference 2015

Data Protection Practitioner Conference 2015

Information law solicitor Natalie Ruane provides details of the Data Protection Practioner Conference which took place at the beginning of March.

Almost 900 people attended the Data Protection Practitioner Conference held on Monday 2nd March at Manchester Central.  The conference included a question and answer sessions with the Independent Commissioner's Office’s Deputy Commissioners, David Smith and Graham Smith. Entitled “An audience with the Smiths”,  the session covered issues ranging from explicit consent for data protection to the cost of freedom of information.

Slides from all of the speeches and seminars are accessible on https://icoconference2015.wordpress.com/seminars/.

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Natalie Ruane

Natalie is a Partner and leads the Employment Law & HR team and specialises in education.

Published: Monday 16th March 2015
Categorised: Information Law

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