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Employment Law Legislation Update - January 2015

Employment Law Legislation Update - January 2015

Employment law solicitor Hazel Phillips looks at the latest legislation update involving overtime / holiday pay cases.

On 8 January, new rules came into force (on the back of the overtime/holiday pay cases which were decided in November – see this earlier bulletin for more details: http://www.burnetts.co.uk/publications/factsheets/employment-law-case-update-november-2014) which further limit how far back anyone with claims of this nature can seek to look.

The new rules state that most unlawful deduction claims (including holiday pay claims) lodged after 1 July 2015 will have a time limit of two years from the deduction to the lodging of the claim. This should significantly limit any chances of employees bringing long-term back pay claims for holiday pay, either in the tribunal or civil courts. However, we might see a rush before the implementation of these rules in July so employers should continue to review their policies on the payment of holiday pay so that they are aware of the risks.

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Published: Monday 26th January 2015
Categorised: Employment

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