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Employment Law Legislation Update - July 2015

An update on the progress of Acas Early Conciliation by solicitor Natalie Ruane.

The Acas Early Conciliation Progress Update

Statistics recently published by Acas show that, during the first year of mandatory Early Conciliation, Acas dealt with over 83,000 cases. The majority of those who went into the Early Conciliation system were prepared to actively participate and over half of the potential claims that were discussed in Early Conciliation did not proceed to a tribunal claim. In fact only 22% went on into the tribunal process. In terms of the government’s stated aim of reducing the number of tribunal claims, Early Conciliation definitely seems to be a success.

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Natalie Ruane

Natalie is a Partner and leads the Employment Law & HR team and specialises in education.

Published: Friday 24th July 2015
Categorised: Employment, HR

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