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Employment Law Legislation Update - September 2015

Partner Natalie Ruane discusses a report produced by the Citizens Advice Bureau on self-employment.

Although this is not really a legislative change, after we highlighted the issues around employment status in July’s ebulletin, the Citizens Advice Bureau published a report in August showing that 1 in 10 of the individuals that they surveyed were falsely classed as self-employed.

The report, “Neither one thing nor the other: how reducing bogus self-employment could benefit workers, business and the Exchequer”, highlights the cost to the individuals engaged in this way, and to the tax payer, but it serves as a timely reminder that these issues are coming to the fore.

Businesses making use of self-employed contractors should take the opportunity to revisit those relationships to check whether an employment relationship could have been formed and to take steps either to deal with that employment relationship properly or to change the nature of the current relationship so that the status quo of self employment can be legitimately preserved.

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Natalie Ruane

Natalie is a Partner and leads the Employment Law & HR team and specialises in education.

Published: Friday 28th August 2015
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