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Employment Legislation Updates - August 2014

Employment Legislation Updates - August 2014

Burnetts' employment law solicitors provide an update on the latest legislation coming coming into force during 2014.

It has been mandatory since May for employees to contact Acas and initiate Early Conciliation before they can bring a claim in the Employment Tribunal. We highlighted in our bulletin in March what the Early Conciliation process would look like

The system has been up and running for a few months now and one potential issue that has been identified is that, when Acas contact the employer to start the Early Conciliation process off, Acas have to speak to whoever has been named by the Employee on the Early Conciliation form. That might be a senior manager but it could just as easily be a low level employee who may not know what to do with that information and/or who the employer may not want to know about the dispute!

To protect employers from that very scenario, Acas have set up a registration system through which employers can register their contact details so that, in the event that an employee contacts Acas to discuss early conciliation and a possible claim, an agreed person will be contacted by Acas rather than whoever the employee had mentioned on the Early Conciliation form.

Anyone wanting to register for the scheme just needs to email Acas at eccontactslist@acas.org.uk giving the following details:

  • the employers name;
  • the person to contact if early conciliation is commenced; and
  • the phone number that the employer would like Acas to use to contact that named person.

Although you might think that a claim is unlikely we would recommend registering now anyway to avoid any issues in the future.

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Published: Tuesday 26th August 2014
Categorised: Employment

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