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Employment Legislation Updates - July 2014

Employment Legislation Updates - July 2014

Burnetts' employment law solicitors provide an update on the latest legislation coming coming into force during 2014.

Towards the end of June the Small Business and Enterprise Bill went before Parliament. It had its second reading on 16 July and is now off to the committee stage. If it makes its way through that stage and the House of Lords, as it is the following changes could come into force:

Whistleblowing – companies may be required to compile annual reports of disclosures.

Financial penalties for non-payment of employment tribunal awards – employers who refuse to pay could face penalties of 50% of any award (up to a maximum of £5,000).

Employment tribunal postponements – there could be a limit on the number of postponements that can be requested during the Tribunal process and the possibility of costs awards for late postponement applications.

Minimum wage - the maximum penalty for paying below the national minimum wage might be increased to £20,000 per infringement.

Zero hours contracts - exclusivity clauses in zero hours contracts might be unenforceable against a worker. 

Public sector redundancy payments - all or part of a public sector redundancy payment may need to be repaid if an employee rejoins the public sector within a prescribed period.

We will keep you up-to-date with these possibly substantial changes and future bulletins will deal with how the changes may affect you.

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Published: Monday 21st July 2014
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