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Employment Legislation Updates - June 2014

Employment Legislation Updates - June 2014

Burnetts' employment law solicitors provide an update on the latest legislation coming coming into force during 2014.

The following major changes, that we have highlighted in previous bulletins, are now in force:

1.    The time period for a transferor to provide employee liability information to a transferee during a TUPE transfer has increased from 14 days to 28 days before the transfer. 

2.    It is also now compulsory to notify Acas (and to attempt early conciliation) of an intended tribunal claim before a claim can begin in an Employment Tribunal. Employees will not be able to submit the claim form without confirmation from Acas that the early conciliation process has been followed.  More information on the process can be found in our article from April or directly from Acas (www.acas.org.uk)

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Published: Friday 20th June 2014
Categorised: Employment

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