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Exiting EU Workers

Exiting EU Workers

Solicitor Debra Robinson shares the key findings from a recent CIPD/Adecco whitepaper outlining the new staffing challenges resulting from Brexit.

The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development and The Adecco Group have published a report this month, claiming UK employers are facing a number of staffing challenges as the UK prepares for Brexit. Figures suggest that around 30% of EU citizens currently working in the UK are considering leaving, with that number rising to around 40% for those employed in public sector roles.

The report also indicates that 27% of organisations currently employing EU citizens are unaware of the exact number currently employed.

Employers are encouraged to anticipate any labour shortages that may arise as a consequence of Brexit and increase their awareness of the reliance their organisations place on EU employees and workers.

Approximately 20% of employers felt that EU workers were more willing to work in semi-skilled and unskilled roles. This could leave a considerable number of potential vacancies if EU workers are not given similar freedoms to work in the UK at the conclusion of Brexit negotiations.

The report suggests that some employers have already begun the process of creating a strategy to counter any potential labour shortages. 13% of employers are likely to relocate some of their business abroad whilst 17% were looking to increase the number of apprenticeships they offered.  

The uncertainty surrounding the position of EU workers in the UK post Brexit is behind the significant decline in the numbers of EU citizens arriving here. It is hoped that once Article 50 is triggered and negotiations between the Government and the EU get underway, there will be increased clarity over the future of EU workers in the UK.

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Published: Friday 17th February 2017
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