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HR Focus - phased return to work after sickness absence

HR Focus - phased return to work after sickness absence

HR Consultant, Julie Davis, provides guidance on the amount of time needed for an individual to qualify for a phased return to work.

We often give advice to employers and employees about return to work arrangements when an employee returns to work following a period of sickness absence.


Recently we were asked how the law stands on the amount of time you need to be off work before you qualify for returning to work on a phased return.


Phased returns are commonly put in place by agreement between employers and employees and often on the advice of the employee’s GP or Occupational Health Advisers. Sometimes a short period of reintroduction to work before returning to full duties is advisable where the circumstances are appropriate. There is no set time an employee needs to be off work before they qualify for a phased return. It depends on the illness, if a phased return would be beneficial to the employee and if the employer can accommodate the phased return. In short it is seen as good practice but it has to be appropriate in the circumstances.

Julie Davis is an HR Consultant working on the Employment team at Burnetts. She has considerable experience of working within small, medium and large scale organisations as an HR Specialist/Manager. She advises and undertakes case work for clients covering all aspects of HR and employee matters. Her portfolio of cases with the firm to date includes investigating and reporting on grievance and disciplinary cases; management of employee capability and TUPE/ redundancy programmes and day to day advice on Burnetts helpline service.

For further information on how the information above might impact your organisation, contact Julie Davis on 01228 552222. 

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Julie Davis

Julie is an experienced HR Consultant.

Published: Thursday 21st July 2016
Categorised: Employment, HR

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