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Meet the Estate Agent: Gayle Greer, Wilkes-Green and Hill

Meet the Estate Agent: Gayle Greer, Wilkes-Green and Hill

Burnetts speaks to Gayle Greer from Wilkes-Green and Hill to discover the question buyers always ask and to find out more about Gayle’s career as an estate agent.

Burnetts' conveyancing team speaks to Gayle Greer, Senior Sales Negotiator at Wilkes-Green and Hill in Penrith, to discover the question buyers always ask and to find out more about Gayle’s career as an estate agent.

How did you get into the Estate Agency business?

I previously worked at Lilliput Lane as a painter and progressed into sales promotion which gave me the opportunity to travel around the world. I was then approached by Adrian (one of two directors at Wilkes-Green and Hill) and invited to join the team.

I began working for Wilkes-Green and Hill on 4 August 1997 and have recently celebrated my 20th Anniversary with the company! The team threw me a party and gave me a lovely ‘This is Your Life’ book which was full of memories since I started working for Wilkes-Green and Hill right up to the present day.

What makes you stand out from your competitors?

Getting the right buyer for the right house and trying to achieve the best price. We pride ourselves in customer service and I always treat any sale and purchase how I would want to be treated. Our fall through level is very low which reflects this.

Clients also appreciate knowing the people who are handling their sale or purchase and being able to come into our office, or know that they only have to email or call. Wilkes-Green and Hill acts for both the buyer and the seller so we have to give honest advice.

What is your favourite part of the job?

You get to see the best and worst of people, and experience all of the emotions which they are going through. I get a lot of satisfaction from post sales and have made some genuine friendships with a lot of clients.

What would be your dream house?

I would have a lake or sea view and the house would have lots of windows. It would be an open plan kitchen and diner with plenty of room for cooking! The bedroom would be in the apex of the roof with skylights and a luxury en-suite. It would also have a nice garden.

Do you have any tips for sellers on making their house more appealing to potential buyers?

Clean and declutter! You can influence the price and speed at which your property sells by doing so. People want to live in a spacious, clean, and airy house.

When we take photos of properties we can take up to an hour making sure each room is right.

Do you have any tips for buyers – what should they look out for when viewing properties?

I would check whether the property is maintained well, whether the garden is tidy and the house is clean.

I think that if the vendor has made a conscious effort to keep on top of the property then they will have also looked after the other things which you cannot see (such as wiring, works to the property etc).

I would also avoid purchasing the most expensive house on the street as then there is no way to increase the property value. In most cases, a street will have a ceiling in terms of price.

What is the most frequently asked questions from buyers?

Buyers often ask where the sellers are moving to. They are often downsizing or moving to a different part of the country. The question which they should be asking is how the property is situated in relation to the sun and how much light comes into the property!

Where do you see the estate agency business in 10 years?  

I think there will be a bigger change in the big cities compared to Cumbria. There will be an increase in internet estate agents. I think people in Cumbria still want face to face interaction and they want to know the person who is handling their sale or purchase. I think that once people discover that internet estate agents cannot provide face to face communication then they will discover how important it is to have.

Find out more about Wilkes-Green and Hill Estate Agents at http://www.wilkesgreenhill.co.uk/

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Published: Friday 27th October 2017
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