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Organisational Compliance with the Data Protection Act

Organisational Compliance with the Data Protection Act

Natalie Ruane discusses a pilot programme that the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) is running in relation to the Data Protection Act.

The Data Protection Act can seem like a minefield at the best of times. As a result and in an effort by the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) to raise awareness and educate smaller to medium sized businesses, in what can be an expensive and complex area, the ICO are currently developing a ‘self assessment toolkit’.

A draft version of the toolkit has been made and the ICO are looking for SMEs to take part in a pilot programme. If you are interested in this, then the ICO ask that you contact John-
Pierre Lamb (jp.lamb@ico.org.uk) with brief details about your organisation, including what personal data you process, and why you would like to take part.

This could be a great opportunity to get up to date with the Data Protection laws which are such a hot topic in England and Wales at this present moment, especially now that the fine for cold calling/wrongful sharing of personal information has increased to a maximum of £500,000 and the threshold lowered – making it easier for the ICO to bring a claim for non-compliance.

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Published: Monday 8th June 2015
Categorised: Information Law

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