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Property matters - flood advice

Property matters - flood advice

If your business property has been flooded you may need some expert legal advice...

If your business property has been flooded you may need some expert legal advice.

If you own the property you may be grappling with insurance issues and loss adjusters, but if you lease the property you will also need to turn to your lease to see where you stand on issues such as repair liability, insurance and rent suspension.  What does and what should the landlord’s building insurance cover? Do you have any liability for repair, and will your rent be suspended and for how long? 

Some business owners are looking at more permanent business moves as the insurance position in current premises is looking untenable.  If they are leasing their current premises what rights, if any, do they have to terminate?

All these questions have to be considered against the background of what your own business interruption insurance might cover.

And do you need alternative temporary business premises? We have already completed lettings for temporary space where a usual place of business has been flood damaged. Time is of the essence to secure space and get your business up and running again, and we are here to make that happen.

Speak to one of our specialist commercial property solicitors on 01228 552222.

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Published: Monday 14th December 2015
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