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The Benefits of Voluntary First Registration

The Benefits of Voluntary First Registration

Senior Associate Joanne McKenzie explains the benefits of voluntary final registration for your property and/or land...

A large proportion of land in England and Wales remains unregistered.  If your property or land has not changed hands or been dealt with in a way which triggers compulsory registration e.g. granting a Mortgage over your property,  for a number of years, as is the case with lots of family run farms and agricultural land in England and Wales today, then it is highly likely that it is still unregistered.

There are significant advantages in registering your property and land now, not least the fact that the Land Registry fees for voluntary registration are lower than the fees for compulsory registration.

The further benefits include ease, efficiency and protection, as follows:-

  • Registration saves time and reduces costs on a subsequent dealings with the property.
  • Registration reduces the amount of paper work that needs to be retained & reduces the risk of deeds being lost as they are obtainable in electronic form from the Land Registry.
  • Registration offers a title guaranteed by the Land Registry and an accurate plan of the extent of ownership is created.
  • Registration provides better protection against claims of adverse possession or “squatter’s rights”.
  • Registration helps put your estate in good order for the benefit of future generations
  • Registration provides an opportunity for any anomalies that might need to be sorted out with the title that would have remained undiscovered without the title investigation.


For further information, contact Joanne McKenzie at Burnetts on 01228 552222 or jmc@burnetts.co.uk.

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Published: Wednesday 14th March 2018
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