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Breast cancer screening programme re-starts

Victoria Watson comments on the welcome return of breast screening in Cumbria.

“Whilst I welcome the fact that the breast screening programme will resume in January 2011 after being suspended for nearly six months, it is a concern that women should have been attending for their routine screening during this time. I just hope that this suspension has not resulted in a delay of breast cancer diagnosis and treatment for yet more women.”

“I am also waiting with interest to see the report into the screening of a further 1000 women, 500 of whom either have a strong family history of breast cancer or have been undergoing annual surveillance following treatment for breast cancer. In October we were promised this review would be publicly available.  We already have at least one client who was wrongly given the all-clear following a routine mammogram at the West Cumberland Hospital. Although she is not one of the 16 women for whom the Trust has admitted responsibility, plainly she has been affected by the shortcomings of the Trust’s radiologists.”

Published: Wednesday 15th December 2010
Categorised: Medical Negligence

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