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Burnetts’ solicitor joins board of not for profit lender

Property solicitor Robbie Mather has joined the Board of Directors of the not for profit lender Enterprise Answers.

Following the success of its AGM last month, which highlighted the continued success of the organisation to meet the needs of businesses in the County, the not for profit lender Enterprise Answers appointed a further three directors to its board. The three new appointments will add to the valuable experience and expertise currently in place, but as Chief Executive Grahame Latus says “We have not quite had the number of Directors I wish to have on our Board and the new appointments take us to where we need to be to continue the growth of the organisation”.

The new appointments of Robbie Mather, Alan Mitchell and Richard Gaskell take effect immediately and they have been well received by the existing Board members and the staff.

Robbie Mather is a law and accounting graduate from the University of Manchester and is currently a commercial property and planning solicitor for Burnetts Solicitors. Through his role he engages with many businesses and has a strong interest in the leisure and tourism sector.

Alan Mitchell has had a 40 year career in the pharmaceutical industry having graduated as a biological chemist, has a master’s degree in food science and qualified as a Chartered Mechanical Engineer. He currently specialises in leadership coaching. Prior experience with Furness Enterprise in delivering the Glaxo Smithkline fund means Alan brings some valuable knowledge and experience in addressing the challenges businesses in the county face.

Richard Gaskell has recently retired from his role as a chartered accountant with Scott Wilkinson Accountants based in Lancaster. Prior to accounting, Richard enjoyed his early years with Yorkshire Bank and after obtaining his professional banking qualifications, moved over to accountancy. Richard has many years experience of dealing with small and medium sized businesses and this experience will prove beneficial to the Board.

“We have been very fortunate to acquire such a strong and diverse skill set coupled with a wealth of experience which will hold the Board of Directors of the organisation in good stead as we continue to grow” says Grahame Latus. Commenting on the overall performance of the organisation last year Grahame says “We out performed our own expectations for the year which clearly illustrates that there are many businesses in the county still seeking finance to develop and grow their businesses. We will continue to strive to ensure we play a vital role in enhancing the economic recovery of the county by providing the access to finance they require”.

About Enterprise Answers

Enterprise Answers is a not for profit lender based in Penrith and provides loan finance to businesses across Cumbria, North Lancashire, County Durham and Northumbria. Loans are available to businesses of all sizes, start-ups, existing businesses wishing to expand or grow and to all types of industry sectors including agriculture.

Regarded as a ‘secondary source of finance’, Enterprise Answers is able to assist businesses with their capital requirements where banks are unable to oblige, subject to the viability of the business proposition. Loan finance can be provided from £3,000 to £100,000 and amounts beyond this upper limit may be considered where there is a demonstrable business case.  

Enterprise Answers has been trading for approximately nine years, provided loans of almost £6m to approximately 245 businesses across the county and currently has in the region of £7.5m of funds under management from Government, European Funding, the private sector and is the only non-bank institution in Cumbria which is accredited to use the Enterprise Finance Guarantee scheme. For further information about Enterprise Answers, visit http://www.enterpriseanswers.co.uk/

Published: Monday 2nd September 2013
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