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Cumberland Show Highlights 2016

Cumberland Show Highlights 2016

The best pictures from the 2016 Cumberland Show...

Partner Richard Miller with Mike Sheenan, Heskett Newmarket Brewery

Border Hog Roast

Caterers Border Hog Roast provided a carvery lunch.

Solicitor Doug Claxton with guest

Partner Richard Miller with guests

Partner Martyn Wrightson with guest

Financial Services Assistant Tracy Kenny with guests

Guests enjoying their breakfast butties.

Richard Miller with guests

Batman enjoys the show!


Guests enjoying a carvery lunch. 

Lunch on our stand.

Guests enjoying lunch.

Burnetts' Managing Partner Nick Gutteridge with guests.



Colin from Bongo Balloons keeping the kids entertained.


Solicitor Diane Barnes chatting to guests.


Partner Richard Miller socialising with guests.

Solicitor Diane Barnes with guests.

Solicitor Joanne McKenzie with guests.

Guest enjoying the hog roast.

Burnetts' Ladybirds made an appearance, courtesy of Bongo Balloons.


Guests enjoying afternon drinks.


Rachel Davidson, Joanne Grey and Tracy Kenny enjoying the lovely weather.


Hand made chocolate display by Abbots Chocolates, Langholm.

Abbots Chocolates, Langholm

Burnetts' team enjoying a refreshment.


Afternoon drinks on the patio.

Prosecco time!

Guests sampling the local brew provided by Hesket Newmarket Brewery.

Published: Thursday 16th June 2016
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