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Former Boots’ manager qualifies as a solicitor

Former Boots’ manager qualifies as a solicitor

A former Boots’ manager has qualified as a family law solicitor with Burnetts after completing her law degree by distance learning. 

A former Boots’ manager has qualified as a solicitor with Burnetts after completing her law degree by distance learning. 

Joanne Grey, who lives near Hexham, spent 14 years with the pharmacy giant, but returned to university to study law whilst on a break from her demanding career with the national retailer. 

Having completed a further two years as a trainee solicitor, Joanne (42) has joined Burnetts in Carlisle as a solicitor specialising in family law. 

During her training, Joanne volunteered with the Northumberland charity Legacare which provides legal advice for people with terminal or life-limiting illnesses. 

She said, “I’d always been fascinated by law and being on a career break gave me the opportunity to study. It was while working at Legacare that I realised I wanted to focus on helping people when they really need it so I made the decision early on to specialise in family law. My role as a solicitor at Burnetts will include supporting clients through divorce and separation as well as advising on family law cases which involve children. I’m especially interested in helping clients looking for advice on their options when they’re leaving longer relationships – so-called ‘silver-splitters’.” 

Burnetts’ family team now includes five solicitors including partners Simon Mortimer and Amy Fallows. 

Simon Mortimer is the Head of Family Law at Burnetts. He said, “The family law team now has more solicitors than ever – over the last year we’ve seen an increase in enquiries in all areas of our work, but in particular from business owners and from farming couples. As well as being an excellent, new lawyer, Joanne is approachable, down to earth and dedicated, characteristics which I know our clients will appreciate.”

Joanne has raised thousands of pounds for charities: whilst with Boots, she was one of a team who won a Variety Club Award for services to charity and in 2014, she cycled Coast to Coast, helping to raise funds for a local boy with cerebral palsy. She is a school governor at Hexham Middle School and Queen Elizabeth High School in Hexham. 

Originally from Liverpool, Joanne moved to the North East in 1994 with her husband Andrew. She has two children: Rebecca (12) and George (9). 

As well as her degree in Law, Joanne has a degree in English from Leeds University which she is putting to good use as one of Burnetts’ blogging team. You can read Joanne’s latest family law blog at www.burnetts.co.uk/blogs

Published: Monday 10th August 2015
Categorised: Cases involving children, Family Law

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