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Furness General Hospital Father Speaks Out

Carl Hendrickson’s wife Nittaya and newborn son Chester died at Furness General Hospital in 2008.

Carl, 44, said, “Our family has been absolutely devastated by the death of Nittaya and Chester. My son Conrad has lost a wonderful mother. They were so close and he is so like her, it is as if she has poured herself into him.”

He continued, “Relations with Nittaya’s family in Thailand have also been damaged. Her family can’t accept her death without knowing the full facts and I still can’t give them the answers they need.”

“I have been saying there were serious issues at the maternity unit of Furness General Hospital for over three years. Although the media coverage is upsetting for me and Conrad, I do feel vindicated.”

The Carlisle firm Burnetts is representing Carl Hendrickson and the Titcombe family, amongst others. Ruth Keenleyside a solicitor in the medical law team said, “The deaths of Nittaya and Chester have had a shattering effect on Carl and his son, Conrad, made worse by the many unanswered questions about their care at Furness General Hospital which we have been instructed to investigate. We are currently considering a claim for compensation on the grounds of clinical negligence, however the main motivation for Carl is to find out the truth about the deaths of his wife and son.”


Response to CQC warning notice (Update at 17.38pm)

Law firm Burnetts is representing Carl Hendrickson and the Titcombe family, amongst others. Ruth Keenleyside, a solicitor in the medical law team, said, “It’s not surprising that the Care Quality Commission has taken the step of serving a warning notice on the University Hospitals of Morecambe Bay NHS Foundation Trust. Issues such as the failure to recognise risk and poor record keeping at Furness General Hospital have both been raised again and again by clients over many years. I hope now that the Trust will recognise the severity of their failings and make real change so that patient safety is not further compromised.”

The Carlisle firm also reported that several enquiries from other concerned families had been received since the police investigation was made public on Friday 9th September.


For further information, please contact Angela Huck on 07525 128762.

The Care Quality Commission report, their warning notice and press release are available at http://www.cqc.org.uk.



Published: Monday 12th September 2011
Categorised: Financial Services, Medical Negligence

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