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Ignorance definitely isn’t bliss

Ignorance definitely isn’t bliss

A new recruit to Burnetts believes that planning for the future need not be taxing.

Rachael Stephenson has joined Burnetts as a Senior Associate in the practice’s Wills, Probate and Trusts team. “When people think of wills and tax planning for the future they automatically get scared and start to worry about what it all means”, says Rachael who has 10 years of experience in the field as private client lawyer. “It’s almost a taboo subject for some people. But when you sit down and explain how it all works they are often surprised at how simple and straightforward it can be.”

Rachael’s new role will involve helping clients with wills, estate planning, trusts, power of attorney, deputyship and estate administration. She believes that, when it comes to planning your future, there is nothing to fear and, in fact, a lack of action can create far more issues. “Not making a will and not planning your tax affairs can cause tremendous problems in the future,” says Rachael who quotes a recent report that says only 40 per cent of Britons make a will. “It’s so easy to avoid stress and heartache in the future by sitting down with a solicitor and making it easy for people to understand. Ignorance definitely isn’t bliss.”

Rachael has a wealth of experience, from working with high net worth clients in Cumbria to working with people who live abroad. She has also been appointed as a trustee for several family and charitable trusts.   

Martyn Wrightson, Head of the Wills, Probate and Trusts team at Burnetts is aware that there’s a growing demand for specialist advice when planning for vulnerable beneficiaries. “Rachael will add to the expertise Burnetts can offer clients. She is friendly and approachable and is known for making the most complicated of situations easy to understand. We are delighted to have her on our team.”

Published: Friday 10th November 2017
Categorised: Private Client, Legal Services in Newcastle, Penrith, West Cumbria, Wills, Probate & Trusts

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