A brief statement from Mr Porter's family can be found here.

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Inquest of Ashley Porter

Inquest of Ashley Porter

Media enquiries relating to the inquest into the death of Ashley Porter should be directed to Angela Huck on 01228 552222 | 07525 128762 | A brief statement from Mr Porter's family can be found here.

The inquest into the death of Ashley Porter, a pupil at James Rennie School is taking place from Wednesday 9th July to Friday 11th July inclusive at The Coroner’s Court in Cockermouth. Mr Porter died at the Cumberland Infirmary, the day after his 19th birthday, on 10th June 2010.

Speaking before the inquest, his mother Mrs Judith Porter (aged 53) said, “Ashley was a big part of our lives and we are finding it difficult to accept that he is gone. He was a popular boy and although he had had a lot of operations, he wouldn’t complain. Most people were surprised to find out he’d had so many health issues. Although he was 19, he was still a child. He had learning difficulties, but that wasn’t taken into account when he was admitted into hospital onto an adult male ward. He was frightened and very distressed and I don’t feel he was given the care he was entitled to.”

The family’s solicitor is Mrs Emma Winkworth from the medical law team of Cumbrian law firm Burnetts. Mrs Winkworth said, “Ashley’s parents have concerns about the care given to him when he was admitted to the Cumberland Infirmary over the Bank Holiday weekend in May 2010; in particular they would like to know why the treating clinicians failed to contact Newcastle Freeman Hospital where Ashley had recently undergone heart surgery. They hope to be able to get some answers through the inquest process.”

Mr Porter’s father Mr Colin Porter (54), speaking on behalf of Ashley’s siblings Kerry (33), Darren (31) and Jamie (25), thanked Emma Winkworth for all her help and added, “We were so proud of Ashley and all that he achieved in his short life. Ashley and his Mam were totally devoted to each and best friends. Our lives have been shattered – it’s hard to cope without him.”

Dr David Haines of Doughty Street Chambers is acting as the family’s Counsel.

Published: Wednesday 9th July 2014
Categorised: Medical Negligence

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