A brief statement from Mr Richards' family can be found here.

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Inquest of Nicholas Richards

Inquest of Nicholas Richards

Media enquiries relating to the inquest into the death of Nicholas Richards should be directed to Angela Huck on 01228 552222 | 07525 128762 | A brief statement from Mr Richards' family can be found here.

Post Inquest Statement 

Speaking after the inquest Mr Richards' family expressed their gratitude to the Coroner for his through investigation. Mrs Richards (50) added, "We are glad that the Coroner agreed with us that it was the wrong decision to discharge Nick on 7th July when he was still relying so heavily on the in-patient team."

Pre Inquest Statement

The inquest into the death of Nicholas (Nick) Richards, a former partner at Carlisle law firm Cartmell Shepherd, is taking place from Tuesday 1st July to Friday 4th July at The Coroner’s Court in Cockermouth. Mr Richards, a specialist in commercial litigation died, aged 50, at his home in Carlisle on 2nd August 2011.

Speaking before the inquest, his wife Mrs Frances Richards (50) said, "Nick was a sociable, optimistic and intelligent man who was greatly respected and liked by everyone at his firm. He enjoyed his work and valued his role as husband and father hugely. We miss him greatly."

Mrs Richards, a solicitor herself, continued, "Nick had suffered from depression for many years, but in the months leading up to his death, he had been acutely ill. I have concerns about many aspects of his care during this time."

The family’s solicitors are Miss Vicki Jagger and Mrs Victoria Watson, partners in the medical law team of Cumbrian law firm Burnetts. Mrs Watson said, "Mrs Richards has concerns about potential failings within Cumbria’s mental health provision including shortcomings in communication, record keeping, continuity of care, standards of nursing care and, most importantly, what seems to be the failure to properly assess risk."

Jane Tracy Forster from Hailsham Chambers is acting as the family’s Counsel.

Mr and Mrs Richards have three children: Daisy and Edward (both aged 21) and Henry (15).


For further media information or photograph, contact: Angela Huck | | 07525 128762 | 01228 552222

Published: Friday 4th July 2014
Categorised: Medical Negligence

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