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It all adds up to divorce for accountancy graduate

It all adds up to divorce for accountancy graduate

An accountancy graduate has joined Burnetts’ family law team as a divorce specialist.

Jacqueline Haslam from Brampton originally studied Accountancy and Finance at Lancaster University, but discovered soon after graduation that a career in finance wasn’t for her. Having gone back to the books and left the County, she qualified instead as a solicitor. Jacqueline has now returned to her native city to practice as a family lawyer at Burnetts.

Jacqueline, whose first month has included a hectic “Divorce Monday”, said, “I’ve worked in family law throughout my solicitor training and post-qualification, but I wanted to focus on helping private divorce clients where my financial background can be put to good use. The family team has been very welcoming – it’s a lovely place to work and I’m so pleased to be back home.”

Jacqueline previously worked at Pluck Andrew Solicitors in Manchester and Elliot Mather LLP in Chesterfield.

Head of Family Law Simon Mortimer said, “Jacqueline has been an excellent recruit and has fitted in well with the team. It’s great to be able to bring back a local professional to the city. Having a head for figures is an invaluable attribute for divorce cases involving businesses and other assets, so Jacqueline’s dual strengths in law and finance will be put to good use.”

Jacqueline will be based at Burnetts’ Victoria Place office, but will work with clients across Cumbria and the North East. Burnetts’ family team includes five solicitors: partners Simon Mortimer and Amy Fallows, along with Zoe Tremeer-Holme, Joanne Grey and Jacqueline. More information on Burnetts' family law team can be found here 

A former student at Austin Friars School, Jacqueline moved to Cumbria, aged 7. 

Note: “Divorce Monday” is the first working Monday of January when family law solicitors traditionally see a surge in enquiries about divorce.

Published: Thursday 14th January 2016
Categorised: Cases involving children, Family Law

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