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National Maternity Review 2016

National Maternity Review 2016

Angela Curran, Head of Medical Negligence at Burnetts, comments on the publication of the National Maternity Review. 

Angela said “Having heard time and time again the terrible experiences of clients, I had no doubt that there have been serious problems with maternity services in England. It is encouraging that the Review recognises improvements need to be made. Although there is no guarantee that if all these measures are put in place there won’t be mistakes, it is essential that everything possible is done to minimise the risks. I particularly welcome the proposal for a standardised investigation process where honesty and openness is supported by rapid resolution. Families can usually understand that mistakes happen, but find it extremely distressing when Trusts will not accept there have been failings and there is such an unwillingness to learn lessons.”

Burnetts is currently representing ten families with cases involving maternity services at NHS trusts in Cumbria including the death of a baby girl and nine cases of catastrophic birth injury as well as twelve families with cases involving Trusts in North East England. Angela Curran is an expert in birth trauma cases and works extensively with children with cerebral palsy. She is accredited by both the Law Society and the charity Action Against Medical Accidents (AvMa).

The National Maternity Review’s report “Better Births: improving outcomes of maternity services in England” was published on 23rd February 2016 and is available from https://www.england.nhs.uk/wp-content/uploads/2016/02/national-maternity-review-report.pdf 

For further media information, contact Angela Huck on 01228 552222 or ash@burnetts.co.uk.

Published: Wednesday 24th February 2016
Categorised: Legal Services in Newcastle, Medical Negligence

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