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New Head of Agribusiness

New Head of Agribusiness

A restructuring of the Property department at Burnetts has led to new responsibilities for a popular member of the Agribusiness team.

Richard Miller continues as overall Head of Property but, under the new structure, he will have five direct reports, each with their own responsibilities for business growth and leadership in the more specialised areas of Agribusiness, Banking, Commercial Property and Conveyancing.

“This is a good chance to promote five people in the department who are already successful and who have great potential to do even more,” says Richard.

Taking over leadership of the Agribusiness team will be Joanne McKenzie who joined Burnetts in 2013. Joanne continues to be responsible for advising on land ownership, buying and selling farms, landlord and tenant issues and farm partnerships as well as leading the development of the largest Agribusiness team in Cumbria.

“This is a great example of how progressive Burnetts is as a business,” says Joanne, “and I am thrilled to have been given the opportunity to develop the team, our relationship with clients and the service we provide.”

“Joanne’s recognised as having excellent knowledge of the agricultural sector and a great practical commitment to our clients,” says Richard Miller. “I’ll keep the overview as well as continuing to work with my existing agricultural property clients but Joanne will be able to focus on the areas with most potential for growth and change.”

With the restructuring, Sarah Willshire will be Head of Banking and Kathryn Hill will continue as Head of Conveyancing, based in Burnetts’ Cockermouth office. Robbie Mather and Helen Hayward, both Partners with Burnetts, will be heads of Commercial Property. 

“All five heads have strong local connections and excellent reputations with clients and peers,” says Richard, “and we’re all excited about the possibilities of this new structure.”

For further information about the Agribusiness team, visit here

Published: Friday 10th August 2018
Categorised: Commercial Client, Private Client, Rosehill , Agribusiness

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