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Record breaking damages secured for disabled children

Record breaking damages secured for disabled children

The medical negligence team at Burnetts has secured more than £34 million for children who suffered catastrophic brain injuries at birth.  The damages payments will help to provide specialist care for children with serious and complex health needs.

“utterly life changing”

Speaking about the impact of the money on her teenage son, one mother said “The difference Burnetts has made to our lives is without a doubt utterly life changing. If I tried to tell you how much I appreciate Burnetts, I would be talking for the rest of my life”. Another mother of a severely disabled son said, “We love Adam to bits, but life is very hard - it is a constant round of speech therapists, physiotherapists, occupational therapists and hospital visits with carers in and out of the house at all hours. Since I stopped work to care full time for Adam, it has been very difficult financially which adds pressure to the other children. Now at last we know that he has the best of care in place and will be well looked after, even after we are gone.” If I tried to tell you how much I appreciate Burnetts, I would be talking for the rest of my life”

£200,000 a year care costs

The fifteen strong team who helped Adam and many other families is led by solicitor Angela Curran who is a Partner and Head of Medical Negligence at Burnetts. She said, “Most of my work is for disabled children who have been catastrophically injured due to negligence when they were born - the average cost of care for a severely disabled child could be in excess of £200,000 each year when the cost of special medical equipment and round the clock care is taken into account – as the cost of care rises, so will the level of damages claimed”

Family torn apart

“A damages payment to a severely disabled child is the very least we should be doing to look after a child who has been injured as a result of mistakes made by a state-run hospital. When a child is left with catastrophic injuries, the whole family is torn apart. These settlements are not lottery wins – the damages payments are carefully calculated with every penny claimed being scrutinised and justified. Usually the settlement is paid in instalments into the Court of Protection and families draw down funds for the specific purpose of care for their child.”

Accredited by the patient safety charity AvMa and the Law Society for her clinical negligence expertise and by Headway for her expertise in brain injury, Angela is also a member of the Court of Appeal Mediation Panel and a mediator on the NHS-approved Trust Mediation Panel. In September 2017, Angela won the award for Outstanding Individual Contribution to Charity at The North East Charity Awards 2017.

Clients’ names have been changed because the children are the subject of High Court anonymity orders.

For a free and no obligation discussion about your child’s case, whatever their age, call Angela Curran on 0191 300 1833 or email ac@burnetts.co.uk

Published: Wednesday 21st February 2018
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