Online Redundancy Calculator

Our free online redundancy pay calculator allows you to estimate the amount of statutory redundancy pay that you might be entitled to, should you be faced with losing your job.

To use the calculator, enter your age, annual salary before any deductions, and the number of complete years you’ve been working for your current employer. The calculator will then show the amount of statutory redundancy pay you will be entitled to.

We’ve also produced a handy redundancy table for HR professionals which you can download.

Please note that this calculator should be used as a guide only, and you should consider taking professional legal advice before acting on any results produced by it. If you’d like to talk to one of our Employment lawyers please give us a ring on 01228 552222 or drop and we’ll be happy to help.

Download redundancy table

Your age

How old were you on the date you were made redundant?

Years of service

How many years have you worked for your employer?

Length of service is capped at 20 years.

Weekly pay

What is your weekly pay before tax and any other deductions?
Pay is capped at £643 per week.

Your statutory redundancy payment is:

£- - - -