Whatever the size or age of the debt, we can save you time by advising you at the earliest stage on the best way to go about recovering your money, whether that be to send a firm letter, to sue in the County Court, to serve a statutory demand, or to commence insolvency proceedings.

Using our team rather than a debt recovery agency means you have this wide choice of recovery options from the very beginning. Some debt recovery agencies process debts automatically, looking only at the amount being claimed. Sometimes they give up when a debt becomes difficult or the debtor claims the money is not owed, leaving you effectively to start all over again and find a solicitor to move you on to the next stage.

Our commercial outlook and negotiating skills are focused to ensure collection of your debts with minimum distraction to you and your people. This commercial experience has also shaped our realistic fee structure – most of the standard elements of our debt recovery are transparently priced at fixed levels. Fees for a “letter before action” start at just £5 plus VAT. Often this standard letter is all that’s needed to show a debtor you are serious about collecting your money.

If sending invoices and chasing payments is taking up too much time, we can support you with our full credit control service. We can efficiently process your all invoices and ensure, as much as possible, that debts do not age, increasing your chances of being paid on time, all the time.