We base our service, not just on legal knowledge, but also on what works for our clients and on commercial good sense. We are solutions focused and our advice is delivered promptly and in clear, jargon-free language. We know that our job is not just to inform, but also to recommend a course of action that’s best for you. That is why we invest in our client relationships, understand your specific needs and are dependable each and every time.

Our team is always reliable and efficient – easy to get hold of, easy to work with and easy to talk to.

We are always clear with our clients on how much we charge for the work we do and our Tracker Employment Retainer service provides our employer clients with the option of substantial discounts from our usual rates.

Our Employment team has successfully established a unique training unit, delivering bespoke Employment and HR Training sessions to employers on all employment issues, helping you educate and empower your workforce while also complying with your mandatory training duties. We are incredibly proud to offer a different style to that of other firms. We are entertaining, engaging and informative. You can find out all about our bespoke training options here.