Divorce And Separation

Financing Your Divorce

Many clients have told us that the stress of their relationship breakdown has not been helped because of their worries about how they will meet the legal costs of their divorce or separation. All too often they have heard horror stories about legal costs, but happily we have been able to reassure them about the likely level of costs and how they might be managed.

Monthly Payments

To ease some of the pressure on clients, we try to be as flexible as possible in our approach to payment, for example, by making arrangements for monthly payments, rather than expecting a lump payment all at once which may be difficult for some to find. Clients often set up direct debits to pay their bills and we will agree the monthly amount with you depending on your financial circumstances and the likely costs to be incurred.

Credit or Debit Card Payments

Often clients choose to pay on their credit or debit cards and payments can be taken over the phone for your convenience.

Interest Only Loans

We have also entered into an arrangement with Lime Finance, through which your legal costs can be paid with an interest only loan, until you receive your financial settlement.

Lime Finance is not suitable for all clients: however if you are likely to receive a financial settlement at the end of your divorce, but do not have access to immediate funds, it is a product you may find useful. These loans can also be used for other cases involving property or savings such as claims between unmarried couples.

What’s Best For You

It is important to us that clients don’t see the lack of funds as an insurmountable obstacle to taking proper legal advice. Whatever your circumstances, it’s worth having an initial, informal discussion to establish the best way forward for you.

Assessments for suitability for Lime Finance are made by Burnetts’ lawyers and eligibility can be confirmed very quickly. Please be assured that Burnetts does not receive any commission as a result of clients using Lime Finance and clients can always take independent advice before entering into any agreement with Lime Finance. All agreements are fully protected under the Consumer Credit Act .

We no longer offer legal aid for family cases