James is passionate about mediation being an effective process by which parties can resolve their disputes (especially those which seem utterly intractable), avoid expensive litigation and buy themselves certainty of outcome and cost.

James offers impartial mediation services, in person and online, to aid dispute resolution, helping clients to resolve differences and find amicable solutions in a wide range of grievances including:

  • Commercial and contract claims
  • Company, Board and shareholder matters
  • Co-habitee (ToLATA) claims
  • Partnership disputes
  • Agri-business matters (including property rights and estoppel)
  • Professional negligence matters (including accountants and solicitors)

During mediation we do not represent any of the parties involved and so can remain an impartial facilitator throughout the mediation process. James offers mediation services to corporate, commercial and individual parties.

We can provide you with a fee quote upon receiving your enquiry. Our fee will be fixed to include up to five hours of preparation work and the day of the mediation between 9.30am – 5.30pm. Any additional time beyond 5.30pm is charged on an hourly rate basis. We don’t charge for travel time.