Medical Negligence


Orthopaedic injuries often include fractures/broken bones but they can also involve injuries to your spine, as well as the connecting muscles, nerves and ligaments.

Some of the most common issues our expert solicitors deal with are:

  • Delays in diagnosis and treatment of fractures which result in permanent injuries
  • Surgeries such as hip and knee replacements and spinal surgeries that have not been carried out appropriately resulting in significant injuries
  • Carrying out surgery to the incorrect site
  • Failing to fully advise patients about the risks of surgery
  • Causing nerve damage during surgery
  • Cauda Equina Syndrome claims which is when there is a delay in diagnosing and treating nerve compression in the lower portion of the spinal canal which, if not treated quickly, can lead to permanent lower back pain, weakness/numbness of legs, bladder/bowel incontinence and lack of sensation in the perineum area

If this has happened to you we may be able to help you.