Medical Negligence


Sadly children are just as vulnerable to medical negligence as adults. The types of claim we deal with tend to echo the adult categories, with the exception of birth injury.

However, every claim on behalf of a child will be slightly different to a claim for an adult, as children do not have capacity to bring a claim on their own behalf until they reach the age of 18.

Different rules apply on limitation in children’s claims. This generally means that children can bring action right up to the age of 21 even if the claim arises out of negligence early in their life.

When a claim for a child settles, the court will need to approve the settlement and will direct how the funds can be used and should be invested until the child is old enough to access them.

Our team has significant experience of bringing claims on behalf of children and, in addition to our extensive practice in birth injury claims, has advised on cases in the following areas:

  • Delayed diagnosis of paediatric cancer
  • Loss of hearing in a child
  • Mismanagement of Guillain Barre Syndrome leading to catastrophic brain injury
  • Delayed diagnosis of sepsis