Wills, Trusts and Probate

Trusts and Charities

We have a wide range of experience and knowledge in setting up and administering trusts of all kinds.

Whether they are private trusts, as part of estate and succession planning, charitable trusts or commercial trusts, we can advise and assist.

Private trusts remain a vital component of estate and succession planning, enabling people to pass on assets whilst retaining some control over what happens to them. This can be useful where beneficiaries of estates may be too young to take control of valuable assets or vulnerable in some other way.

Most charities operate within trust structures. We can help with creating new charitable trusts as well as providing advice to trustees of charities.

Creating trusts can involve registration with HMRC, taking specialist financial and tax advice both in-house and with expert third parties, and we can help with all aspects of trust creation.

During the life of a trust there may be a need to prepare further documents. These require skill and care if they are to be effective. We can prepare and oversee the completion of those deeds. We administer many trusts, often arranging for the distribution of income and capital and advising trustees on their powers and duties.

Unfortunately, disputes sometimes arise over the administration of a trust. We provide expert advice to both trustees or beneficiaries in these circumstances.