23rd August 2021

Caroline Manningham – Head of our Court of Protection team

Caroline Manningham - Partner and Head of our Court of Protection team

Caroline Manningham – Head of our Court of Protection team…

We are pleased to announce that our Court of Protection solicitor Caroline Manningham has just been promoted to Head of the Court of Protection team here at Burnetts. In honour of this achievement and to mark her ten-year anniversary with us, we thought it would be timely to tell you a little more about Caroline, and why she means so much to her clients.

Caroline is originally from Northumberland and moved to Newcastle 20+ years ago to work at Irwin Mitchell law firm but actually, despite being destined for Court of Protection law, she in fact left school wanting to be an airhostess. She fell into the legal sector after she was told she was too young to fly, and now can’t imagine doing anything else but Court of Protection.

Caroline and her team look after people, young and old who have lost capacity, meaning they cannot manage their own affairs. Their health and finances are managed by a Deputy like Caroline, who will help them to make decisions in their best interests. The department also offers support to family members who have chosen to manage the affairs of a loved one themselves.

Caroline brought her compassion, sensitivity and understanding to her role as a Legal Executive in our Court of Protection team ten years ago. Since then, she has become a key member of our team and has formed lasting bonds with the clients she supports.

Caroline works specifically with clients who have suffered brain injuries and is always on hand to make sure everything runs smoothly for them day to day. She operates WhatsApp groups for her clients and their families, often receiving photo and video updates and is available to provide support out of hours – her job is very much not a typical 9-5.

Caroline said:

“Court of Protection work doesn’t stop after 5pm, if a client needs me to approve a gym membership on a weekend or needs a boiler sorting after I get home from work, I am always there. I want people to live as independently as they are able and to help their family focus on just being a family.”

Caroline is always available for a confidential chat and can be reached on 01228 552222 and by emailing hello@burnetts.co.uk.