16th May 2022

ABI Week 2022: See the hidden me

This week is Action for Brain Injury week organised by the brain injury charity Headway; this year’s theme is see the hidden me, which focuses on brain injury as a hidden disability and aims to improve understanding of symptoms of brain injury such as confusion, tiredness and memory loss. The campaign highlights that although a person may not look as though they have a brain injury, they may behave differently due to hidden disability.

The campaign will also raise awareness of the day-to-day difficulties experienced by brain injury survivors with the aim of empowering those in the brain injury community to share their personal stories, to promote better understanding of the experiences of those living with acquired brain injuries.

Paul Brown, our specialist brain injury solicitor and Headway Wearside chairman said of the campaign “I always look forward to Action For Brain Injury Week as it is a chance for a national conversation; I think this year’s theme is important too. Not many signs of brain injury are visible and understanding these symptoms and their impact on those with an acquired brain injury is vital in interacting and building relationships. Having the knowledge to know that if you are speaking to someone with an acquired brain injury, simply being patient and allowing them a little longer to process information will make the world of difference. The campaign is as much about education as it is about raising awareness and I look forward to hearing everyone’s stories.”

To get involved with the campaign use the hashtags #seethehiddenme #abiweek to read the stories and share them yourself. For more information about Headway and The Child Brain Injury Trust click here
and here. To find out more about Paul click here.