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Local authority planning fees: up, up and away?

Local authority planning fees: up, up and away?

Senior Planning Consultant Daniel Addis reports on the Government's decision to increase local authority planning fees.

Local authority planning fees... up, up and away?

Well, not quite, but from the 17th January 2018 applicants can expect to see local authority planning fees increased by 20% across the board.

You might assume that this is a quick public sector ‘money-maker’, however the increase in fees has been agreed by the Government on the proviso that the increased monies generated will be re-invested in planning departments.

Investment in planning departments should be to everyone’s benefit, particularly given that in some cases staff numbers in planning departments have contracted by up to 30% since the recession.

How the money is re-invested is not clear – we would like to see investment in staff, training and investment in technologies that will improve the planning process. Time will tell.

If you are involved in any aspect of the planning process and require any advice or information, please contact Daniel Addis, Senior Planning Consultant at da@burnetts.co.uk or 01768 214965.

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Daniel Addis

Daniel Addis is a Senior Planning Consultant in the firm’s Commercial Property & Planning team.

Published: Monday 8th January 2018
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