Commercial Contracts

Robust commercial contracts form the foundation of successful businesses. Businesses rely on these contracts to formalise relationships with customers, suppliers and other organisations to outline the obligations for each party – and to provide recourse if things go wrong.

Commercial contracts provide an essential tool which businesses can rely on to protect their interests and avoid costly and time-consuming disputes. Given their importance, it is vital these contracts are carefully and expertly drafted.

We have extensive knowledge and experience of advising on commercial contracts – from highly complex outsourcing, logistics and service distribution contracts to standard terms and conditions of sale or purchase.

Our expert lawyers can also add value with market and sector specific knowledge and guide you through any anticipated issues which may not have previously been considered.


We can:

  • Review contracts – your business may have been provided with a draft contract from another party, to govern any relationship with them. We can provide a high-level review, identifying possible risks areas and proposing practical amendments to protect your interests
  • Drafting contracts – if a new contract is required for a specific project, we can draft bespoke terms, and advise on key areas of particular importance, ensuring the contract meets your commercial objectives
  • Negotiate contractual terms – a commercially balanced agreement is essential for a successful ongoing relationship between parties. We have experience of negotiating all types of commercial terms and adopt a proactive and reasoned approach. We can highlight any areas of importance, and offer guidance on the fair balance between risk and reward, and the market norms that we see
  • Advise in relation to the supply of goods and services, outsourcing, IT contracts, distribution and franchising agreements


Our lawyers will get to know your business and help deliver a contract that both meets your aims and provides the level of protection required.